This Website's Stack

Over the past couple of years I’ve rewritten my website a couple times. I never wrote about the technical choices I made, but I finally found a stack that seems extensible, fast, and nice to work with so I’ve written it up here.

The registrar for this website is hover. The site is generated using the victor hugo netlify template and is continuously deployed using netlify’s github integration features.

Modern Hugo

The victor hugo netlify template uses hugo as a static site generator and Webpack to manage the asset pipeline. The template lets me easily integrate modern es6 javascript and scss stylesheets into the website. I use javascript to create the nice animations in the background. I use scss to keep my stylesheets DRY.

The background animations.

The hugo theme was written by me in a single night. Further iterations were made to render text correctly on mobile.

Single Location

I want my website to be able to host all my side projects. Having projects on various or heroku domains is ok but it’s hard to remember all those various links, and the domains are a little impersonal. I want the things I make to be hosted in one place, preferably my site.

Because I use netlify and hover I was able to use this tutorial to easily attach my domain to my site. The end of the tutorial deals with attaching subdomains. Instead of following those instructions I deploy side projects to netlify through github then add a CNAME record to hover. Netlify has docs about that process here.

The dns records for the site.

Open Source

All the code for the site is open source and can be found on github.