Luke Murray

Strava Export Bookmarklet

December 08, 2020

Today I was trying to sync my Strava activites with Training Peaks. Unfortunately these services are both competitors so they refuse to automatically sync. I found a simple workaround though. If you add export_tcx to the end of a Strava activity url, Strava will automatically download the tcx file for that activity which makes it easy to import into other services.

For training peaks you can drag the downloaded file onto your calendar and the activity will sync.

I spent 5 minutes and made it into a bookmarlet. If you drag the link below into your bookmark bar you can browse to any Strava activity, click the Strava TCX Bookmark and your activity will immediately download.

Strava TCX Export

The code is basically one line.

// navigate to the current page with export_tcx appended to the url
window.location.href = window.location.href + "/export_tcx"